HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU prostate cancer treatment is the latest alternative for men with unifocal or independent Prostate Cancer. (It denotes that a particular cancer in the prostate or a number of cancers except the whole similar part of the prostate gland). The tumor is the only thing treated in FOCAL HIFU and not the entire prostate gland. The high energy focused ultrasound beam is concentrating through the side of the back path to the prostate gland to warm and terminate an extremely exact amount of tissue.

The purpose of FOCAL HIFU prostate cancer treatment is to abandon untreated as greatly as healthful tissue as possible. It is the corresponding therapy for men with prostate cancer and also accessible for patients with breast cancer – the male lumpectomy.

FOCAL HIFU prostate cancer treatment may possibly be appropriate for patients who have short or intermediate chance Prostate Cancer, who have unifocal or unilateral disorder. If abiding the thorough prostate planning, your doctor is certain that the tumor is constricted to a precise part in the prostate so they will be able to just heal the parts with HIFU and observe the untreated zones.

This HIFU prostate cancer treatment is so great that this allows in preventing or it lessens the harming the muscle control of urine flow encircling the constructions and the erection operating nerves while even tendering cancer constrain. So you will still have a therapy for prostate cancer with no all of related side-effects by other medications.

Focal HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment Advantages

  • A 20 to 90 minutes procedure and more or less it doesn’t require you to stay in the hospital
  • Thru cancer therapy, not the entire gland having a lesser side effects
  • It prevents the chance of surgical infection since it does not need an opening.
  • Keeping the fundamental constructions in the area of the gland for a long period of orgasmic function, erectile and continence
  • the process can be done again if it is needed
  • Speedy lifestyle recovery after the therapy
  • Approximately 100% of patients preserved sexual energy

HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment Check-ups

Every patient has regular checkups after FOCAL HIFU prostate cancer treatment through PSA exams quarterly. If PSA increases then additional analysis is carried out, however for almost 90% of patients treated, FOCAL HIFU prostate cancer treatment must be the only therapy needed. If more therapy is needed, it is mostly an additional HIFU prostate cancer treatment; yet some of the conventional medications like surgical procedure and radiotherapy still probable after FOCAL HIFU prostate cancer treatment.

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