HIFU Prostate Treatment Solution For Cancer

HIFU Prostate Treatment

HIFU Prostate Treatment The latest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU prostate treatment has been broadcasted to heal prostate cancer. The method breaks deep-rooted tissue without disturbing the enclosing healthy tissue through the use of ultrasound.

The creators of the method, request the period for patient healing after HIFU prostate treatment is considerably below other treatments similar to radical prostatectomy. Healing includes dressed in an easy self-managed catheter for a while after the HIFU prostate treatment, and patients normally resume to a usual everyday life about instantly after the 2 – 3 hour process. It is like an out-patient or same-day schedule. HIFU prostate treatment can be done frequently if it is essential and it is much of a treatment through those patients who go through repetition after given with an additional treatment such as radioactivity treatment, as well as cryosurgery and brachytherapy.

In Europe, Sonablate 500 method has a support for HIFU prostate treatment (with benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and prostate cancer) currently there are 35 elements being operated in health institutes worldwide.

HIFU Prostate Treatment Pros

The HIFU prostate treatment lets the doctor to obtain an on-screen picture of the prostate and cancerous tumor, then point and destroy the cancer using a clean ultrasound energy beam, that excellently terminates the malignant tissue by not touching the neighboring healthy tissue. HIFU prostate treatment energy functions similar to a sunlight and magnifying lens. With the use of magnifying lens, you can direct sun’s energy and focus it over a fix point as letting harmless and nontoxic energy transport to the whole pattern of the ray until it gets the point of intensity.

The treatment operates the Sonablate(R) 500 tool with a probe injected to the rectum, ultrasonic rays are directed onto the tumorous area. Lacerations are made side-by-side till the total preferred size of the prostate is healed. HIFU prostate treatment has probability to attain it in virtue of the dimension of the target cut that it produces, and functions by directing a pulsation of extreme strength ultrasound rays against particular position approximately a rice grain size.

HIFU Prostate Treatment

The distribution of the energy to a tiny area increases the temperature where the proteins denature and cell membrane fats soften then tissue destruction occurs.

The distribution of the target cuts is in the doctor’s skill. During the HIFU prostate treatment, the prostate delineates into two sizes through the use of ultrasound.  As soon as the therapy strategy has begun the HIFU prostate treatment is equally observed and taken with a computer in the HIFU delivery system.

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