Hifu Side Effects

Hifu Side Effects


Like any other forms of treatment for cancer, HIFU also has numerous risk factors and HIFU side effects.

If you are undergoing HIFU treatment, the most common side effects that you will experience are the following:

  • Pain in the areas where treatment is being done such as the scrotum and rectal area
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Production of protein in the urine or also known as Proteinuria
  • UTI or Urinary tract infection
  • Urine that contains blood or Hematuria
  • Prostate infection or Prostatitis
  • Reversing of semen during ejaculation where it goes back to the bladder rather than coming out from the penis, this is also called Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Painful and swollen scrotum or epididymitis
  • Hematospermia or blood in the fluid produced during ejaculation, semen.
  • Urine leak or urinary incontinence

There are also other HIFU side effects that some may experience such as:

  • Contracture on the bladder neck or urethral stricture
  • Rectal fistula or fissures on the walls of the rectum
  • Stool leakage or rectal incontinence
  • Possibility of acquiring the cancer even after treatment

Aside from these HIFU side effects, there are also other side effects that could be experienced which are brought by other factors involving the HIFU treatment such as:

  • Chronic pains, head ache, stomach ache, sore throat, and other side effects from the anesthesia as part of the HIFU treatment process
  • Discomfort when applying catheter which may also damage the inside of the bladder
  • Infection and bruising caused by drawing of blood to use in laboratory testing
  • Fatigue, the feeling of being weak after the HIFU treatment procedure

Some of the HIFU side effects that are mentioned above could also be a case to case basis and will depend on how the patient’s physical and emotional capability will respond during and after the treatment.

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